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Air Fluidiser

Air Fluidisers promote the flow of product from bins, hoppers and silos by breaking the product cohesive shear between the particles and the vessel wall.

This is achieved by short blasts of air that lifts the special pad boot, sending a jet of air along the vessel wall at the same time as vibrating the pad boot, releasing the most difficult of products.

Simple installation allows for ease of retrofitting to new or existing vessels. Multiple or single units fitted in rings around the cone connected via a ring main of pneumatic tubing, activated by solenoid valves covers most hopper designs. Unlike other pads’ minimal air consumption is achieved by pulsing the fluidisers in short bursts.

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Pneumatic conveying – vacuum

Vacuum conveying is often a low cost method of pneumatic conveying where product can be conveyed up to 60m at rates up to 15tph.

It is ideally suited to the loading of extruder hoppers or direct loading of blenders or other such vessels.

The receiving vessel is put under vacuum and the product metered into the conveying line at a rate suitable to the conveying velocity and at the desired air to product ratio. 

Filters fitted to the receiving vessel or a stand alone filter separate the product from the conveying air prior to the air passing through the vacuum source.

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Pneumatic conveying – positive

Positive conveying uses a blower to blow product metered into the conveying line from a material source to a destination or multiple destinations up to 300m away and at rates up to 30tph.

In the Lean Phase pressure conveying mode, product is separated from the conveying air by either a cyclone receiver, stand alone filter or a filter fitted to the receiving vessel before the clean air is released to the atmosphere.

As the air has been compressed prior to mixing with the product, heat generated from the compression can result in an increase in product temperature. Pressure conveying is ideally suited to the conveying of materials to various destinations such as weigh hoppers in a ring main system with the excess product and conveying air returning to the material source.

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VTEC Vacuum Conveyor

Designed as a complete stand alone vacuum transfer system the VTEC Vacuum Conveyor is ideally suited to hopper loading and other small systems.

It is suitable for conveying various powders and granules at rates up to 9,000kg/hr.

Electric or compressed air operated units are available with booster kits if conveying difficult to handle materials. With integral controls the Vtec is a plug and play unit that can be easily dismantled for cleaning.

Features include:

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low noise
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Low energy consumption
  • Simple to install
  • Compact Size
  • Easy to clean
  • Light weight
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Valve – Slide

The Fresco slide valve range is used to control the flow of powders, pellets and granular materials.

These applications should be gravity only and offer unrestricted material flow.

The slide plate seals up to a machined face providing a product tight seal.

The slide valves can be manufactured from a range of materials and are able to suit most sizes and applications. The slide valves can be supplied in either pneumatic, electric, rack and pinion or manual versions. With square, rectangle or round options available they are by far the most cost effective versatile flow control device.

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Valve – Rotary

We have an extensive range of rotary valves covering all applications.

The modular design of our rotary valves allows many different configurations using standard components.

The AL Airlock and BL Blow Through rotary valves have been designed for applications in the metering and pneumatic conveying of products in powder and granular form. Granular Valves are specially designed for gravity feeding and pneumatically conveying granular products.

The standard Airlock and Blow Through models are suitable for products up to a temperature of 150°C and a maximum pressure differential of 2 bar. Special configurations are available to accommodate temperatures between –200°C and +900°C. Pressure shock resistant up to 10 bar g and explosion proof models are also available.

The GL series of valves come in 5 sizes, covering a capacity range from approximately 5 to 79 litres per revolution at 100% filling. Standard models are suitable for handling products up to a temperature of 150°C and a maximum pressure differential of 1.5 bar. Other options are available on request.

Quick demountable options with easy slide rails for all valves are available ensuring quick and easy cleaning.

Drive options include chain, direct, air and hydraulic drive.

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Valve – Diverter

Fresco Systems has a great range of Diverter Valves to suit most applications.

Models include a Flap Type Diverter, Plug Type Diverter and a Fabricated Diverter Valve.

These Diverters have been designed to divert powders, pallets or granular materials from one discharge point to another with minimum degradation in pneumatic conveying and gravity applications. 

All versions are available in cast iron or stainless steel and are available in a large range of sizes.

There are four operating modes to choose from: pneumatic cylinder assembly, pneumatic actuator assembly, electrical actuator and hand operation. A smooth passage of product is guaranteed by precision machining and a good seal, ensuring a complete obstruction-free passage.

These user friendly designs require minimal maintenance and have no moving parts on the outside of the unit.

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Metering Screw Feeder

Metering screw feeders are used to accurately meter powdered, granular or flaky products in a process system.

Fresco offer both Volumetric (product flow rate by volume and set over a given time) and Gravimetric (product flow rate by weight and controlled using loadcells) types of metering screw feeders, with throughputs ranging from 1.76 l/ hr up to 13650 l/hr. Where very fluid powders are handled Fresco installs a pneumatically actuated flow control valve on the discharge of the screw tube to prevent flushing.

The crucial factor in achieving accuracy is consistent product bulk density by proper design and selection of an agitator in the conditioning zone above the screw auger. The agitator de-aerates and densifies the product to a uniform density and breaks any bridges, preventing hold-up in the hopper. This combination with a vast selection of screw sizes and types allows a wide cross-section of products to be fed very accurately.

Volumetric accuracy of ± 1% to ±2% and gravimetric accuracy of ±0.25% to ±1%, depending on the product, can be easily achieved. Weigh platforms fitted under the standard feeder linked to a batch controller provide accurate loss-in-weight feeding. Two-way RS 232 serial ports can be used to send and receive signals from other plant control systems. An easily removable front section provides access for cleaning and screw changes.

Fresco provides multiple weigh batching solutions, gain-in-weight and loss-in-weight systems that can be easily integrated with your equipment. Working with our electrical control and automation engineers we can provide high accuracy batching solutions that will ensure reliability and precision whatever your requirements.

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Dust Collector

The Fresco Systems range of dust collectors is designed for sanitary and non-sanitary difficult to handle products as well as pneumatic conveying receival vessels which have high dust loadings.

Dust Collector filter selection is based on the product type and is either cartridge or bag type with normal filtration efficiency of 99.999% on 0.5micron material.

Filters access is provided through a large access hatch with removal options from the clean or dirty side of the plenum available.

Filters are cleaned via the continuous duty reverse pulse cleaning system which is designed for continuous online and offline operation. Shaker types are also available where reverse pulse cleaning is not suitable.

Flanged mounted or stand alone dust collector units manufactured from stainless steel or carbon steel materials of construction are available to suit most applications including the fan housing and impeller which can be manufactured from PVC.

Fresco also represents the Torit, DCE range of filters for standard applications