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Bin Activators

Bin Activators have been proven worldwide to give a continuous, but controlled flow of difficult-to-handle materials from bulk storage silos, through the controlled use of vibration.

It has been proven that under vibration the shear strength of product in a storage vessel decreases. The action of the Bin Activator is to break down the shear strength and induce flow. When the Bin Activator is switched off, the shear strength is restored and the product once again ceases to flow. 

By careful design, the Bin Activator eliminates ratholing, degradation and segregation of materials with the silo, ensuring and even flow of material on a mass-flow basis (the first-in, first-out principle). 

Bin Activators are ideally suited to cylindrical vessels but can be successfully applied to square or rectangular bins.


Silo – flexible

The Fresco flexible silo is made from anti static fabrics which breathes and is suitable for the storage of food, chemical and mineral based products.

The flexible fabric design aids product discharge with a number of different outlet options. The square silo design maximizes floor area and comes in a range of standard sizes up to 50m³. 

The support frame is modular clip together for fast efficient installation and is available in powder coated or galvanised steel finish. Product contact parts can be of stainless steel, aluminium or carbon steel construction.

Silo – rigid

Rigid silos can be manufactured to any size from any material including aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel.

Numerous options like fully enclosed skirted or open hopper designs, mounted on loadcells, dust collection, explosion vents, access ladders etc. 

Insulated jackets and dehumidification are also available for humid areas when storing hydroscopic materials.

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Bag Compactors

For total dust control, bag compactors are fitted to bag dumps so an operator can safely dispose of waste packaging material without having to withdraw it from the dust controlled environment.

After the operator has cut and emptied the bag it is placed over the internal weir and into the bag compactor. 

Fresco manufactures two types of bag compactors depending on the packaging material and the disposal method.

The feeders screw type extrudes the packaging into a plastic liner whereas the compaction type compacts the packaging into bails for disposal.

Read More About Bag Compactors

Whenever handling bags or sacks of powder products in to the manufacturing process the disposal of waste is always a major cost issue for manufactures.

Fresco Systems has a range of bag compactors that reduce the volume of waste plastic, paper and cardboard waste by 85-90%.

Whether connected directly to the bag dump tipping station or free standing Fresco Systems provides a solution tailored to your needs. Multiple sized units capable of compacting bale weights up to 300kg for cardboard and 400kg for plastic in either mild steel or stainless steel construction. Fully pneumatic operation and safety interlocks allows for the bag compactor to be positioned in a hazardous dust environment as standard. Depending on the which model is selected for the application, single or twin cylinders apply pressure of up to 8,500kg @ 8bar to the waste packaging. Once the bale is completed the bandit strapping already mounted to the bag compactor secures the bale ready for release and disposal. Significant costs savings are generated through reduction in internal waste handling, reduction in housekeeping issues and disposal volume.