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Bulk Bags to Packaging Equipment

More and more of our customers are separating the blending and packaging process.

Where in the past they directly pack from under the blender, they now blend into bulk bags which separate the blending to the packaging process.

This has many advantages including independent scheduling on both operations.

Fresco Systems assist customers by fitting our bulk bag filling head under the existing blenders. Our single hand operated spout clamp and venting system enables quick and dust tight connection between the blender and the bulk bags. The bulk bags will then need to feed a form fill seal machine or any other packaging equipment. The packaging equipment usually provides a start/stop signal which is controlled by its weigh hopper.

Fresco Systems supplies various types and combinations of this system into the industry and recently we supplied an electric hoist type unloader coupled with a flexible conveyor to feed pre-blended flour products into a form fill seal machine. Due to the various type of pre-blend that needs to be fed, Fresco Systems selected the beveled spiral flexible conveyor which is capable to handle difficult products which packs, smears and compacts. This selection combined with the incorporation of vibration and agitation in the charging hopper ensures that the product flows consistently. A hinged hopper cover was also supplied to allow loading of smaller batch products. The start/stop signal from the packaging equipment communicates with our supplied control system which triggers and activates all the required flow aids above including bag massagers and the flexible conveyor.

Our experience and detailed system design ensures that the system was delivered, installed and commissioned with no hassles and all safety requirements to CAT 3 are met satisfactorily.

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Oats Handling System

As part of their expansion plant, a muesli manufacturer contacted Fresco Systems to assist in handling various types of oats to and from bulk bags.

Their processes require batching from bulk bags as raw materials and then filling bulk bags as finished products.

Being a new user to bulk bags, they were concerned with handling oats in bulk bags, in particular breakages and flowability. Fresco Systems recommended the electric hoist type bulk bag unloaders fitted with vibratory trays and metering screw feeders. The electric hoist enables the operator to handle bulk bags from pallet trucks in the process room rather than forklift. Once lifted, the bulk bags then rest securely on the vibratory tray.

The vibratory tray provides acts as a gentle flow aid compared to the paddles of the bag massagers which might damage the products. The spout clamp then seals the bulk bag spouts creating dust tight, secure attachment, totally enclosing the interface between the bulk bags and the feeder hopper below.

To eliminate the risk of breakage, a larger feeder screw was selected with minimal clearance between the screw edge and the outer tube. This eliminates the risk of the product pinching and breaking during feeding. The bulk bag unloaders are on loadcells which enable the operators to key in desired amounts of product to be batched out.

The end result is an effective way of handling and batching fragile products from bulk bags.

At the end of the process, two bulk bag fillers are positioned side by side to allow continuous feeling of bulk bags. The bi directional belt conveyor feeds into a bulk bag while the other filled bulk bag is being replaced. Once the operator connected an empty bulk bag to the fill head and press the ready button, the bag inflators remove creases and folds in the bags which can cause irregular filling of the bag, making it unstable. The bulk bag fillers are also on loadcells and the belt conveyor feeds each station until the desired weight is reached.

Stand alone control systems were supplied with all systems with the capabilities of communicating to the plant PLC.

As Fresco Systems consulted with the client from concept stage, delivery and commissioning of the systems have been seamless and the customer is now discussing further system upgrades increase their capacity.

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Inflatable 25 kg Bags Fill Head

A recent enquiry was a request by an existing customer to use one of our bulk bag clamping fill heads in an application to fill 25kg bags.

Although a good idea, there were a few challenges in using the same fill head for 25kg bagging.

Their current process involved bagging off directly from a blender in an elevated position with control being through a continuously variable butterfly valve operated by foot control. The 25kg bag they were filling was simply wrapped around the discharge chute and held by the operator on a manual weigh platform. The operator watched the weigh display and at the right time closed the butterfly valve. Sounds familiar?

This was a cost effective, and quick process however dusty due to lack of control of dust laden displaced air, inaccurate and inconsistent due to the operator reacting to the weigh controller readout, and finally, not best practice from an OH&S perspective as the bag had to then be lifted onto the conveyor mounted under the sealing head which was a further separate disjointed process.

Capital was constrained so moving to an automated bagging system was prohibitive.

After a site visit to get good clarity on what the customer was really trying to achieve, and working with the customer, we were able to modify and tailor an inflatable Fresco fill head to fit up to an old unused semi automated weigh bag filling machine that the customer had unused. Factory acceptance test then proved the ability to control the inflatable fill head pressure just enough so the bag could hold the drop of 25kgs of product, but not too much so that it split the empty bag each time.

The result was a dust free bagging process that maintained the speed of the original manual process and delivered consistent accurate bag fill weights. A subtle drop by the full bag when released by the inflatable fill head put the full bag directly onto a slide plate from which the operator could slide the bag directly onto the conveyor under the seal head, thereby reducing the OH&S issues in the process.

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