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Fresco stock a range of electric vibratory motors suitable for the fluidising or densifying of products.

All have adjustable duel counter weights for force adjustment. Two, four, six and eight pole units ensure there is a frequency suitable for your application.

  • stainless_flexible_connector

Stainless Flexible Connector

Connection of pneumatic conveying lines to weigh hoppers / bins, is done by the use of the stainless steel flexible connectors.

Outlasting all other flexible connectors the interlocked sealed flexible tube provides the movement necessary to prevent weighing system errors without leaking powders into the environment.


Sight Glass

Direct coupled in-line polycarbonate conveying tube sight glasses providing a 360° full-view window to observe material flow in pneumatic conveying lines.

Suitable for both vacuum and pressure conveying systems the sight glasses are available in all standard conveying tube sizes.

  • long_radius_bends

Long Radium Bends

Long radius conveying tube and pipe bends are available in stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum in sizes ranging from 38mm to 355mm in various thicknesses and radius’s from 300mm to 1,800mm.

Standard bend angles include 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° with other angles manufactured on request.

  • loadcell


Weighing solutions are a major part of process systems and Fresco has designed solutions from small 5kg high accuracy weigh hoppers to large 150tonne silos.

With loadcell capacity and type selected to suit the application Fresco incorporates overturning restraints, load levelers, lightning conductors, overload stops etc into the design of the mounting system. Standard loadcell types include single point, shear beam, compression, tension and S type suitable for weight hoppers, tanks, silos, platform scales etc.

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  • level_indicator

Level Indicator

Types of level indicators are as varied as the materials they detect.

Whether used to detect high, medium or low levels in bins, hoppers or silos Fresco has a level indicator to suit your application.

  • Rotary level indicators
  • Proven reliability with prolonged motor life
Minimal motor burnout due to unique slip clutch & de-energising status
  • Interchangeable with other manufactures
  • Large range of paddle accessories to suit mounting and product variances
  • Capacitance level indicators
No moving parts
  • Ignores material buildup
  • ‘Quick set’ calibration
  • Visual status on probe
  • Genuine fail-safe integrity
• Multiple power supply capacities

Compression Couplings

Compression couplings are used to join conveying tube and bends.

They offer easy installation and secure joints by mechanically locking the tube.

The couplings come complete with white nitrile rubber gasket and stainless steel earth strap. Sizes range from 38mm to 355mm diameter and can be supplied in stainless steel or carbon steel.

  • air_fluidizer

Air Fluidiser

Air Fluidisers promote the flow of product from bins, hoppers and silos by breaking the product cohesive shear between the particles and the vessel wall.

This is achieved by short blasts of air that lifts the special pad boot, sending a jet of air along the vessel wall at the same time as vibrating the pad boot, releasing the most difficult of products.

Simple installation allows for ease of retrofitting to new or existing vessels. Multiple or single units fitted in rings around the cone connected via a ring main of pneumatic tubing, activated by solenoid valves covers most hopper designs. Unlike other pads’ minimal air consumption is achieved by pulsing the fluidisers in short bursts.