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Receiving & Storage

About Receiving & Storage

Whether in bulk tanker, 25-50kg bags/sacks or 1,000kg bulk bags, raw materials are delivered to your plant in a variety of forms, shapes and sizes.

Understanding different packaging forms and the flow on effect on storage costs, safety, quality and labour is critical in achieving optimum efficiency in your plant.

However this often neglected. Ensuring sufficient access for road tankers, container unloading stations, storage silos and even material storage and usage studies are just some of the constraints that we consider when designing your solution. Contact us to see how Fresco Systems’ experience can help you improve your raw material receiving and storage.


  • Truck Belt Unloader
  • Slip Sheet Puller
  • Container Tip Station
  • Tanker Unloading System
  • Silo
  • Bin activator

Receiving & Storage Products

Bin Activators
June 25, 2014/0 Comments
June 25, 2014/0 Comments

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