Fresco has a full range of Bulk Bag Unloading equipment. This includes Forklift Load, Electric Hoist and Trolley Load, catering for bulk bags ranging up to 2000kg.

The modular design comes pre-assembled which allows for quick installation and adaptability to all applications. Dual systems are available for both bulk bag and manual tipping through the bag dump interface.

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With a complete in house design and engineering team, Fresco Systems can tailor designs to suit specific requirements.

Recently, one of our long term customers required a bulk bag unloader to further improve their processes.

As the bulk bag unloader will be going into a well established plant, there are many physical constraints to work around, not just from the mounting position, but also from logistical point of view to get the equipment into the desired location.

In this project, Fresco offered a custom design bulk bag unloader that overcame the constraints while achieving the desired outcome. This was done by reducing the footprint of our bulk bag unloader by approximately 30% without compromising functionality and the desired outcome.

An electric hoist is mounted on an existing I beam and attached to our certified bulk bag lifting frame. Bulk bags are picked up and then loaded and mounted securely onto our ‘half-frame’ bulk bag unloader, providing the operator a safe working area. Our spout clamp provides a dust tight seal between the bulk bag outlet spout and the process downstream which in this case is a mixing tank in floor below. Our bulk bag unloader dust collector is connected to the outlet chute under the spout clamp not only to handle the displaced air but also to provide the ability to collapse the empty bulk bags by vacuum to minimize dust handling issues. A pneumatic butterfly valve isolates the mixing tank below during the bag collapsing operation.

On top of our standard forklift type, hoist type, split or half frame type bulk bag unloaders, we can custom make designs to suit your applications best. This includes (but not limited to) oversized and undersized bulk bag unloaders, mobile bulk bag unloaders and much more. Materials of construction can also be powder coated mild steel or stainless steel.

Contact us for a comprehensive range of bulk bag unloaders to suit your requirements and constraints.

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Dust Free Bulk Bag Unloading
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