Cyclone receivers are used for the efficient separation of dust and particles from an air stream.

Cyclone receivers can be used for general dust collection as a primary or pre-collector, and as a product receiver for pneumatic conveying.

Air and product enters the cyclone through the inlet pipe running tangentially to the cyclone body. As the air and product spiral down the body the product releases from the air stream and falls through the outlet, while the air vents up through the thimble and the top outlet.

  1. air volume
particle size, shape, density
inlet velocity
air to product ratio
air temperature
moisture content
  7. discharge fittings
electrostatic effects

The quality of manufacture including the smoothness of the internal cone welds, the smooth radiused inlet transition when entering the cyclone reduce turbulence and increases efficiencies.

Efficiencies can be calculated when all the parameters are known. Larger cyclone receivers can be made to order from a range of materials.

The outlet of the cyclone can be provided with a vortex box, rotary valve, double dump valve etc to suit any given application.