The Fresco flexible conveyor is a versatile means of conveying fine powders or course granular materials over distances up to 12m.

The flexible screw which self centers in the middle of the outer casing by using the product as a bearing is driven from one end by a geared motor.

The simple design of the conveyor means there is only one moving part (flexible screw), which is totally enclosed within the outer casing, entrapping the product and providing dust free conveying either horizontally or inclined to suit your application. 

We have a full range of sizes from 55mm up to 200mm and an assortment of screws including rounds, heavy duty rounds, flats, wide flats and bevelled edge, constructed from 304 stainless steel or carbon steel. Outer casings are manufactured from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene and Polypropylene. For very abrasive applications stainless steel or carbon steel outer tubes are available. Conveyor capacities up to 55m3/hr are achievable.

A flexible screw conveyor can convey material is any direction to bend under, over and around obstacles. Gentle conveying without segregation or degradation is achieved through screw/tube combinations matched to suit each application. The continuous mixing action created by the screw will not separate blends. 

Fast thorough cleaning is achieved by removing the lower cleanout cap and jogging the screw conveyor in reverse. Full disassembly can be achieved quickly, allowing for complete sanitization between product changes.

Fresco makes your flexible screw conveyor totally portable by mounting the hopper and discharge head on a mobile frame fitted with locking castors. Customised designs provide various heights and widths of the mobile frame to ensure you can access the tightest of locations. 

Our designs incorporate counter weighted base frames which provide stability when moving throughout the plant. The mobile frames can be manufactured from stainless or carbon steel. Onboard control systems allow for standalone units or integration with plant wide PLC systems.

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Fresco has just supplied and installed a two line robotic de-palletising system for one of the worlds largest dairy companies.

Fresco Systems has added a push style mobile flexible conveyor which facilities hopper loading to their extensive range of flexible conveyors.

The mobile flexible conveyor is designed to be easily movable between other items of plant. Mounted with either two fixed and two swivel / lockable castors or four swivel / lockable castors the mobile flexible conveyor can be moved and then locked into position by a single operator. The mobile flexible conveyor enables the operator to refill elevated hoppers including dusting and topping coaters from the floor without climbing stairs and standing on small access platforms while carrying bags of product. This reduces potential risks like operator injury and accidental product spillage onto the equipment and product below. The hopper, screw and interface can be sized to suit each application. Increasing hopper capacity also allows for extended running times without the operator continually refilling the hopper interrupting their regular work. The secure hopper lid prevents dust escaping to atmosphere and product contamination from foreign objects.

The mobile flexible conveyor can handle all products including blends, granules, fine or coarse powders without risk of degradation or separation. With through-put rates up to 7.5m³/hr the mobile hopper loader can keep up with most any production line. The flexible screw consists of only one moving part (the screw) driven from the bottom by an electric geared motor. The bottom mounted cleanout cap fitted with a safety switch allows for fast, efficient cleaning expediting product changes. The flexible conveyor can also be quickly dismantled for wet washing and full inspection allowing one unit to be used for numerous applications including both allergen and non-allergen products. The hopper can be fitted with flow promotion devices including agitation, vibration and fluidization to suit the application and product. Full stainless steel construction including high grade stainless steel and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene contact parts means the system is suitable for all food and dairy applications.