To overcome the temperature rise generated during the compression of gases for pneumatic conveying Fresco has a range of certified Pre and Post coolers to cool the gas temperatures to as low as 5°C.

Chilled water or glycol is circulated through the inner coil while the conveying gas is passed over the outside with typical fluid temperature rises of approximately +4°C. Integration of hepa filters and dehumidifiers also completes the package for temperature sensitive or hygroscopic materials.

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Pneumatic Conveying Cooling

Heat generated within pneumatic conveying systems causes a multitude of problems for heat sensitive products and, as a result, often rules out pneumatic conveying as a possible means of powder conveying between two or more destinations.

To overcome this problem Fresco Systems Australasia have a range of 3 standard cooling coils capable of reducing conveying air up to 2000m³/hr down to 5°C. We have also used the coils to cool materials prior to downstream processing. This enables better temperature control, avoiding seasonal weather changes particularly in the baking and confectionery industries where products are stored in external bulk silos and are subjected to vast temperature fluctuations.

The cooling coils are housed in a specially designed housing pressure rated and certified to 100kpa working pressure. Designed to comply with the Australian standards for pressure equipment and pressure piping, the housing is fitted with internal baffles that deflect the air flow – providing even distribution over the entire coil while slowing the air for maximum cooling. The housing is manufactured from stainless steel and is finished to various standards to suit the industry being installed. The coils can be either copper with aluminium fins or full stainless steel. Cooling mediums of glycol or chilled water can be used. Modulation valves enable online temperature changes via a PLC or similar processor using the temperature probe which constantly monitors the conveying air temperature. Optional filters with filtration efficiency down to EU10 can be fitted providing hepa quality air within a single unit. The filters are easily inspected and changed via the side access door.

The cooling coils will suit both positive and vacuum pneumatic conveying systems and can be easily retrofitted to existing systems. Fresco can size, supply and install pneumatic conveying systems in lean and dense phase handling various products at through-put rates of up to 60tph. Each system is individually designed based on the products being conveyed, plant layout and duty etc.