Sifters are used for classifying, grading, de-lumping and screening foreign matter such as fragments of packaging materials, and insects etc, which inadvertently enter the process.

Paddle sifters

Paddle sifters are incorporated into a hopper, blender, conveyor or other process and are used primarily as de-lumpers. Product is manually tipped into the inlet through the course screen and into the sifting zone. Brushes or beaters agitate the product until it passes through the secondary screen. Particles too large to pass through the screen are retained on the screen for removal by the operator.

Rotary sifters

Rotary sifters are suitable for both gravity and in-line vacuum or pressure operation. Product enters the sifter and is fed into the sifting zone by means of screw auger. In the sifting zone the material passes along a cylindrical screen aided by 5 rotating brushes or beaters which sweep the material through the screen.

Separator sifters

Separator Sifters are the most efficient sifters for achieving multiple separation of material. The separation is by means of vibratory three dimensional action or conventional gyratory action. The motion is consistent over all decks with adjustable stroke, frequency and force angle designed to maximize product throughput. 

Various diameters up to 2,500mm and screen apertures are available to suit the material properties and the required through-put rate.