Silo – flexible

The Fresco flexible silo is made from anti static fabrics which breathes and is suitable for the storage of food, chemical and mineral based products.

The flexible fabric design aids product discharge with a number of different outlet options. The square silo design maximizes floor area and comes in a range of standard sizes up to 50m³. 

The support frame is modular clip together for fast efficient installation and is available in powder coated or galvanised steel finish. Product contact parts can be of stainless steel, aluminium or carbon steel construction.

Silo – rigid

Rigid silos can be manufactured to any size from any material including aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel.

Numerous options like fully enclosed skirted or open hopper designs, mounted on loadcells, dust collection, explosion vents, access ladders etc. 

Insulated jackets and dehumidification are also available for humid areas when storing hydroscopic materials.