Cone Blender

Fresco Systems recently completed a project for a 50litre laboratory sized cone blender for mixing specialist anti metallic reference materials.

The customer had specific requirements they were unable to source until Fresco offered a bespoke solution based on their standard cone blender design.

The specification included homogeneous blending, no metallic contact surfaces, easy clean design, manual loading and unloading. To achieve this Fresco designed and manufactured a cone blender with split body, used a baked on Teflon coating for the contact surfaces and a plastic discharge valve.

The high reduction direct drive geared motor allowed for positioning of the blender in the load and unload positions without the use of an ancillary brake.

The standard range of Fresco cone blenders includes blending capacities from 50litres to 2,000litres, includes braked motors, access hatches for loading and cleaning as well as various discharge valves and accessories. Materials of construction to suit the application with polishing to pharmaceutical standards or as required. Safety guarding including fixed or light curtain to cat3 standards.