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Level Indicator

Types of level indicators are as varied as the materials they detect.

Whether used to detect high, medium or low levels in bins, hoppers or silos Fresco has a level indicator to suit your application.

  • Rotary level indicators
  • Proven reliability with prolonged motor life
Minimal motor burnout due to unique slip clutch & de-energising status
  • Interchangeable with other manufactures
  • Large range of paddle accessories to suit mounting and product variances
  • Capacitance level indicators
No moving parts
  • Ignores material buildup
  • ‘Quick set’ calibration
  • Visual status on probe
  • Genuine fail-safe integrity
• Multiple power supply capacities
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Air Fluidiser

Air Fluidisers promote the flow of product from bins, hoppers and silos by breaking the product cohesive shear between the particles and the vessel wall.

This is achieved by short blasts of air that lifts the special pad boot, sending a jet of air along the vessel wall at the same time as vibrating the pad boot, releasing the most difficult of products.

Simple installation allows for ease of retrofitting to new or existing vessels. Multiple or single units fitted in rings around the cone connected via a ring main of pneumatic tubing, activated by solenoid valves covers most hopper designs. Unlike other pads’ minimal air consumption is achieved by pulsing the fluidisers in short bursts.

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Dust Free Bulk Bag Unloading

The use of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC’s) or bulk bags as they are more commonly referred to have many benefits for the transportation and storage of raw materials such as powders and granules.

Fresco Systems have designed a solution for the safe discharging of bulk bags in a clean, dust free environment. This improves production efficiency and eliminates housekeeping issues caused through lesser processes.

Dust Free Bulk Bags are loaded in to the bulk bag unloader by forklift or electrical hoist and trolley. The bags are supported on the massage plates which protect the operator and through agitation will dislodge materials which may have compacted during storage or transport. The spout of the bulk bag is clamped in Fresco’s unique single handed spout clamp providing a dust tight seal that won’t leak or release during the discharge cycle.

As product discharges from the bulk bag into the process below displaced air vents to the integral or central dust collection system. This creates an air curtain at the spout of the bulk bag and a vacuum within the empty bulk bag collapsing the bulk bag so when remove from the bulk bag unloader it can be disposed of without bellowing dust and air into the environment as the operator folds the bag for disposal or recycling.

All Fresco systems bulk bag unloaders are independently load tested and certified as per AS/NZ 1418.

Fresco Systems designs, manufactures and install process system in-house providing a great deal of flexibility with adapting their standard designs to meet each customer’s specific requirements. Fresco Systems can change materials of construction, finishes, heights etc and adapt the discharge of the bulk bag unloader allowing materials from the bulk bag to be directly discharged in to packing machines, flexible or pneumatic conveyors, hoppers etc.

If you require a safe clean dust free environment for your bulk bag unloading contact us.