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Stainless Flexible Connector

Connection of pneumatic conveying lines to weigh hoppers / bins, is done by the use of the stainless steel flexible connectors.

Outlasting all other flexible connectors the interlocked sealed flexible tube provides the movement necessary to prevent weighing system errors without leaking powders into the environment.

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Long Radium Bends

Long radius conveying tube and pipe bends are available in stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum in sizes ranging from 38mm to 355mm in various thicknesses and radius’s from 300mm to 1,800mm.

Standard bend angles include 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° with other angles manufactured on request.


Compression Couplings

Compression couplings are used to join conveying tube and bends.

They offer easy installation and secure joints by mechanically locking the tube.

The couplings come complete with white nitrile rubber gasket and stainless steel earth strap. Sizes range from 38mm to 355mm diameter and can be supplied in stainless steel or carbon steel.

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Valve – Diverter

Fresco Systems has a great range of Diverter Valves to suit most applications.

Models include a Flap Type Diverter, Plug Type Diverter and a Fabricated Diverter Valve.

These Diverters have been designed to divert powders, pallets or granular materials from one discharge point to another with minimum degradation in pneumatic conveying and gravity applications. 

All versions are available in cast iron or stainless steel and are available in a large range of sizes.

There are four operating modes to choose from: pneumatic cylinder assembly, pneumatic actuator assembly, electrical actuator and hand operation. A smooth passage of product is guaranteed by precision machining and a good seal, ensuring a complete obstruction-free passage.

These user friendly designs require minimal maintenance and have no moving parts on the outside of the unit.

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Dust Collector

The Fresco Systems range of dust collectors is designed for sanitary and non-sanitary difficult to handle products as well as pneumatic conveying receival vessels which have high dust loadings.

Dust Collector filter selection is based on the product type and is either cartridge or bag type with normal filtration efficiency of 99.999% on 0.5micron material.

Filters access is provided through a large access hatch with removal options from the clean or dirty side of the plenum available.

Filters are cleaned via the continuous duty reverse pulse cleaning system which is designed for continuous online and offline operation. Shaker types are also available where reverse pulse cleaning is not suitable.

Flanged mounted or stand alone dust collector units manufactured from stainless steel or carbon steel materials of construction are available to suit most applications including the fan housing and impeller which can be manufactured from PVC.

Fresco also represents the Torit, DCE range of filters for standard applications